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trading update

Much like last month, some limit orders missed their entry by only a few points. This left us with only two trades in March, one a loser, one a winner. And just like the trading textbooks advise us to do, the loser was kept small, the winner big. This resulted in a net profit of $1038,- this month for the Greed and Fear model portfolio bringing the total for 2019 at +$4651,- by trading only exactly one E-mini S&P future.

trading update

February was a strange trading month. In total 9 limit orders were placed on 9 different days (because of the one trade per day max rule), but sadly none of them were filled(!) That includes the roughly 5 most significant movers of February. So the anticipated direction was correct each time, but the intra-day pull back just wasn't deep enough to get a fill.

trading updateThe volatility of December still had its effect on January. As explained in earlier posts, it's difficult to place a sensible stop loss when the market whips around and will likely hit any stop, whether it's a long or short-trade stop. In those market conditions it's best to sidestep for a while. But on two separate, more quieter days, the moment was right to take two trades which were very profitable bringing in a total of $3613,00. 

trading updateThis update can be short. Due to the high volatility there wasn't any trading in December. So, the yearly result is still the same as last month. On to the next year, 2019! See the results for 2018 for detailed monthly results.

trading updateThe markets are still tough, whipping around and hitting stop losses above and below the market. Luckily for the Greed and Fear portfolio things turned out just fine.

trading updateOctober started with two losing trades, which were later compensated with one winning trade. Just like the textbook says, keep your losses small and let your winners run. But in reality, trading is never that easy because this month could very easily have hurt your trading result on several occasions.

trading updateWith only one trade early in the month, there wasn't much happening (again). Time was mostly spent on running simulations and double-checking software.

trading updateWith only two trades early in the month, there wasn't much happening.

trading updateWhat really stood out for the month of July was the high number of bearish signals. And they weren't helping.

trading updateThe most important item this month was the bug! It was discovered and fixed and the effect already shows.

But first let's recap what happened this month in this Greed & Fear trading update for the month of June.

trading updateThe miserable performance of April certainly wasn't compensated in May. This month the model portfolio posted a net trading loss of $936,50 in 4 long trades on the E-mini S&P (the only thing that's traded in the model portfolio).

The neural network once again had a  difficult time making the right calls of expected market direction, we were on the wrong side of market again and again. The NN generated many flip-flopping signals, just as the stock market flip-flopped its direction. Unfortunately the signals did not line up with market movement at the right moment so the NN was always just behind the curve.

trading updateIt's that time of the month, the monthly trading update. If you've missed the previous one, it's recommended reading that first for better understanding. And if you just want the numbers, those are updated on the results-page of 2018.

For validation, don't forget to check out the actual and verified trading results which are continuously posted real time on the autotrading platform(s).

trading updateA little bit late, but here's the monthly trading update of the Greed and Fear model portfolio. Trading results were very poor for April, have a quick look at the results-page of 2018.

For validation, don't forget to check out the actual and verified trading results which are continuously posted real time on the autotrading platform(s).

trading updateSince I stopped posting the daily indicator and moved to an autotrading platform to publish trading signals, it has been relatively quiet on this blog with regards to market updates. That's about to change.

On a monthly basis I will now go through what happened that month. Of course, the actual and verified trading results are continuously posted real time on the autotrading platform(s), but some extra explanation on the trading decisions will be given in these monthly updates. This way current and potential investors will likely have a better understanding of how things work in the Greed and Fear model portfolio.