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trading updateIt's that time of the month, the monthly trading update. If you've missed the previous one, it's recommended reading that first for better understanding. And if you just want the numbers, those are updated on the results-page of 2018.

For validation, don't forget to check out the actual and verified trading results which are continuously posted real time on the autotrading platform(s).

February was a difficult month, but March wasn't much easier. The results were better though, and that's the only thing that matters in the end. At first March looked like things were calming down a bit, with the daily ranges back to normal. But that didn't last long as new fear instigators had their effect.

This month I made 7 trades, two of them were stopped out at break even. Sometimes when a position is up at let's say 20 points, I move the stop to break even. If the market decides to turn around and give back those 20 points, 'something is up' which is a signal to get out and step aside. It's tough to see those unrealized(!) profits given back, but that's trading.

There were two trades with significant losses (at their pre-determined stop loss level!) where the market ran right through my entry on to the stop loss the same day or the next. Again, tough to watch it happen. But on all those occasions, the stop loss protected my portfolio from much bigger losses. I just sat on my hands and let the order take care of itself.

Luckily there were winning trades as well, with one big one in particular. Also note that all trades were long trades. From my statistics it came up that in bull markets, short signals are less accurate than long signals and vice versa. That's why I usually prefer to just close the long position when a short signal comes up. If the stock market as a whole gets into bear-market territory, that attitude could change.

'Unfortunately' that also prevented me from following up signals for March 22nd through 28th which could have brought in a very nice profit. Here we see once again that analysis and trading are two different things.

To wrap things up, for March, the Greed and Fear indicator daily calls had a net result of 252 index points, and a positive trading result of $3383,-. For detailed trading records and exact daily indicator calls, check out the results page.