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trading updateA little bit late, but here's the monthly trading update of the Greed and Fear model portfolio. Trading results were very poor for April, have a quick look at the results-page of 2018.

For validation, don't forget to check out the actual and verified trading results which are continuously posted real time on the autotrading platform(s).

Only 5 trades were made in the month of April. Of those trades, 3 were stopped out at their maximum loss and 2 at break even. The neural network (G&F indicator) had a hard time calling the right direction, like it had this whole year.  Current market conditions apparently show a lot of randomness that does not resemble any patterns in prior behavior. 

At some point the G&F indicator suffered a drawdown of 233 index points. At the high this month, the G&F indicator stood at 3197 points with an outperformance of 615 index points compared to the S&P 500. At the end of April, this outperformance was reduced to 'only' 368 index points. Still a great performance in only 4 months, but it clearly shows how bad April has been. Put in a percentage of index points, the maximum drawdown in April was 8,6%. That's the third highest drawdown measured in 9 years of simulated results! The average drawdown is only 0,7% before making a new high in performance (measured in index points), so from that figure too it's obvious that April has been an extremely bad month.

The net result measured in index points for April was -122. When traded 1-on-1 that would have caused a total loss of 122 x $50 = $6100,- Thanks to stoplosses, those losses were limited to $2805,-

For detailed trading records and exact daily indicator calls, check out the results page.