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trading updateWhat really stood out for the month of July was the high number of bearish signals. And they weren't helping.

There were 9 more bearish signals than there were bullish signals for July. But unfortunately, those bearish signals had a negative contribution. However, the correct bullish signals compensated for that, but then we had the same old issue of orders just not getting filled, or unlucky stop outs. That's trading, it will continue to happen I'm afraid.

Still, the high number of bearish signals is somewhat worrying. Is the stock market as a whole about to take a turn for the downside anytime soon? Are assets moving around in a way that preludes such an event? No real way of telling, let's just take it one day at a time.

The net trading result for July ended just slightly negative after being significantly negative earlier this month.

Anyway, the results for 2018 have been updated, and make sure to follow the verified trading results.