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trading updateWith only one trade early in the month, there wasn't much happening (again). Time was mostly spent on running simulations and double-checking software.

Trading in September was even more quiet than that of August. There was only one trade this whole month, closing negative. Most of the time was used to verify en run several simulations to verify that the software did no longer suffer from the bug discovered a while ago. At the time the bug was fixed, but I still had doubts if all was right.

Of course, as always, I kept track of the performance in pure index points, and that still looks great. In September the net result of the correctly predicted points for the S&P 500 was 65. The S&P 500 itself made a net result of 12 points this month. The yearly chart shows how the indicator holds up against the benchmark.

Anyway, the results for 2018 have been updated, and make sure to follow the verified trading results.