Greed and Fear - Daily trading signals based on mathematics and software, no opinion, no emotion, no ego. Now with verified trading results!

Trading results: 
2020 -$1524,50
2019 +$8185,00
2018 +$1342,50
2017 +$5843,00
All verified! 
(trading exactly one E-mini S&P 500 future for the Greed and Fear model portfolio)

trading update

Unfortunately, no trades were made in December. Market movement in or around holidays is usually on lower volume and movement (if any) seems more random. 

At this moment, the S&P 500 futures are at the same level as before the Christmas holidays. In the first half of December, the indicator switched to bearish mode a couple of times, but a short trade in a bull market has a lower success rate than trading with the trend.

Then there was a FED day, which we prefer not to trade. All in all not too many opportunities to take risk-acceptable trades.

So the yearly result of the Greed and Fear model portfolio has stayed the same, still at a total profit of $8185,00 trading just one E-mini S&P Future.