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Trading results: 
2022 -$894,50
2019 +$8185,00
2018 +$1342,50
2017 +$5843,00
All verified! 
(trading exactly one ES E-Mini S&P 500 future for the Greed and Fear model portfolio)

coinsOn December 4th, we took the first short trade in a really long time. From many statistics, we know that to be successful with short trades, your timing has to be excellent, especially if trading counter-trend.

This particular short trade was based on a very solid bearish signal after a couple of sideways trading days. So short term, there wasn't really a trend up or down, and taking the strong bearish signal at this point seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

But our stop loss was set very tight, only 9 points above our entry point, which equals to 0,24%. The reasoning behind it was that if the price is able to get above that level, the whole bearish scenario wouldn't make much sense. The logical thing to do was take a small loss. Of course, everything was executed by our preset bracket order, without any no manual interaction.