Greed and Fear - Daily trading signals based on mathematics and software, no opinion, no emotion, no ego. Now with verified trading results!

Trading results: 
2022 -$894,50
2019 +$8185,00
2018 +$1342,50
2017 +$5843,00
All verified! 
(trading exactly one ES E-Mini S&P 500 future for the Greed and Fear model portfolio)


It's been a few days, but this trade had yet to be posted. Once again it is a losing trade, but in execution, all went well. As always, the trading process is the most important thing, the profits will then eventually follow.

For this trading day, all signals were bullish, both the daily and intra-day signals. When the intra-day pullback had also reached a promising level, it was time to place the order. The limit was actually hit just under 2 hours later, so investors had enough time to place the order themselves.

After that, the position moved into a profitable area, pulling the trailing stop loss up with it. In the volatile circumstances, the price moved up and down quite a bit and eventually did hit our trailing stop loss. That this turned out to be good protection against larger losses can be seen in the chart.

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