Greed and Fear - Daily trading signals based on mathematics and software, no opinion, no emotion, no ego. Now with verified trading results!

Trading results: 
2020 -$1524,50
2019 +$8185,00
2018 +$1342,50
2017 +$5843,00
All verified! 
(trading exactly one E-mini S&P 500 future for the Greed and Fear model portfolio)

This page will show all actions performed by the Greed And Fear TradeBot. The tradebot is still in development and it will take some time for this to be integrated into the website. The current idea is to have the Greed and Fear Tradebot post al its actions to the Twitter stream. Development is going very well, and things look very promising.

For a long time now there's the word 'Tradebot' on this website, but there's actually no serious content related to that subject. And with this posting it's not going to change much, except for a sort of preview. The development for a first release is in its final stages and it probably won't take long before it goes live.