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2022 -$3119,00
2019 +$8185,00
2018 +$1342,50
2017 +$5843,00
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financial analystsAfter part 3, we move on to part 4 of this series of 'Market gurus and their predictions'. If you're new to this, you may want to start with the first part for some additional explanation.

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"I don’t think we’re at the absolute bottom yet because the implications of this shutdown are incredible." - Mark Mobius (source: Marketwatch) Apr 14th, 2020 Mobius: false. The stock market hasn’t seen an ‘absolute bottom’ yet pdf August 10th, 2020
Investor Peter Boockvar anticipates another 20% pullback could hit the market. (source: CNBC) Apr 16th, 2020 Boockvar: false. Stocks vulnerable to another 20% downdraft pdf August 10th, 2020
Mark Yusko: “The economic shock wave that’s coming is going to be like nothing that any of us has ever experienced because it’s going to be very similar to the 1930s," he told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Thursday. Since the Dow hit all-time highs in February, the index has tumbled 28%. The S&P 500 is off 26% since its record high. Yusko believes it’s not too late to cut losses because the market shows no signs of recovering. “Cash is king,” Yusko said. “We’re in for a very drawn-out bear market.” (source: CNBC) Apr 2nd, 2020 Yusko: false. Advise to cut losses was given just two weeks after the bottom. Coronavirus is unleashing an ‘economic shock wave’ not felt since the 1930s pdf August 10th, 2020
Canaccord Genuity’s Tony Dwyer warns the S&P 500 just hit a level that sets the stage for another meltdown as the country copes with the coronavirus impact. (source: CNBC) Mar 26th, 2020 Dwyer: false. Statement was made at almost the exact bottom. The S&P 500 just hit a level that could spark the next meltdown pdf August 10th, 2020
Man who warned of the coronavirus crisis months ago says ‘gut’ tells him ‘a 50% or deeper decline,’ in stock market from the February top likely. "This is a perfect environment for gold to take center stage," says Paul Singer’s Elliot Management in a client letter. (source: Marketwatch) Apr 18th, 2020 Singer: false. Gold (GLD) has surged though. A 50% or deeper decline in stock market from the February top likely pdf August 10th, 2020
David Stockman says coronavirus is sparking a financial crisis, warns ‘Wall Street is toast’. His base case is the S&P 500 will fall to 1,600, a more than 50% collapse from the index’s all-time high hit last month. The move would imply another 34% plunge from current levels. (source: CNBC) Mar 19th, 2020 Stockman: false. Statement was made at almost the exact bottom S&P 500 will fall to 1,600 pdf August 10th, 2020
'The world is more screwed up' than the stock market is currently reflecting, warns billionaire investor Howard Marks. "We’re only down 15% from the all-time high of Feb. 19... it seems to me the world is more than 15% screwed up." (source: Marketwatch) Apr 20th, 2020 Marks: false. The world is more screwed up than the stock market is currently reflecting pdf August 10th, 2020
James McDonald, CEO of Hercules Investments: “Right now the market is 50% more overvalued than it was at the peak of the dot com crisis. I think what we see right now is very temporary, and the best investment right now is put options.” (source: YahooFinance) May 11th, 2020 McDonald: false. Put options at that point would have killed your portfolio. Best investment right now are put options pdf August 10th, 2020